Despite the mainstream bustle surrounding us, the impression of wilderness is complete. Nestled in a velley at the confluence of the Thompson & Nicola Rivers, Spences Bridge enjoys less than 10" of precipitation a year; America's Sonora Desert fizzles out just North of here, making our summers full of Whitewater Rafters, Hikers, Cyclers, and Bikers enjoying almost guaranteed sunshine. And if the weather holds out, they are still around to mingle, however briefly, with the Steelhead fishermen who start arriving from all over the world to attempt to land one of the Mighty Thompson's most challenging prizes. Soon the fire is crackling in the Pub's enormous fireplace and the warmth and beverages start bringing out the tales!

It's no accident that you feel the comfortable atmosphere as soon as you walk in the doors of the Log Cabin Pub. The owners, John and Laurie Kingston, have spent the past 22 years making sure that your first visit will have you anticipating your next Log Cabin experience before you've even left the building.